Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (WIFIA) Program
Name of Funding
Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (WIFIA) Program
Source of Funding
US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Contact Email
Business Address
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, WIFIA Program, Office of Water, Office of Wastewater Management, 1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW , Washington, DC 20460

WIFIA will authorize the EPA to provide federal credit assistance to creditworthy, eligible water and wastewater infrastructure projects through long-term, low-cost, supplemental credit assistance under customized terms. The minimum project size for communities with a population of more than 25,000 is $20 million and $5 million for populations of 25,000 or less. If approved, the EPA will lend 49% of the total project cost to large communities, and 80% to small communities.

How To Apply

- Interested borrowers must submit a Letter of Interest by the deadline stated in the NOFA to be considered for WIFIA credit assistance in a selection round.

- The preferred method is to upload necessary documents through the EPA’s SharePoint site. Access to the SharePoint site must be granted by emailing [email protected]. A request to upload the documents must be made prior to the deadline specified in the NOFA.

- Documents may be emailed as attachments to [email protected].

- The EPA will review the process and notify eligible applicants to apply using the correct documentation.

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