Drinking Water State Revolving Fund DWSRF
Name of Funding
Capacity Development Grant
Source of Funding
Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Contact Name
William Dawson
Contact Phone Number
(207) 274-9003
Contact Email
Business Address
Maine CDC Drinking Water Program, State House Station 11, 286 Water St, Augusta, ME 04333

This is a State operated program that provides loans and other financial assistance to any public water system. The funds may be used to improve or replace water system pipes, treatment plants, storage tanks and sources of water. Low interest loans are available to fund drinking water infrastructure improvement projects. The interest rate is 2% below the Bond Bank’s cost of funds, with the minimum being 1%.

How To Apply

- Submit application form for reporting DWSRF eligible projects

- Submit loan application to the Maine Municipal Bond Bank

- Provide DWP with documentation (comprehensive system or facility plans, alternative analyses, pilot or engineering studies, etc.) that supports the project

- Application requests are sent to all PWS during the summer for projects that will be completed during the following year

- Deadlines are announced annually on a rolling basis

Additional Links

DWP application

MMBB Application


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