Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities Grant Program (BRIC)
Name of Funding
Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities Grant Program (BRIC)
Source of Funding
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
Contact Name
(#1) Hazard Mitigation Assistance – HMA Helpline, (#2) FEMA GO Helpdesk
Contact Phone Number
(#1) (866) 222-3580, (#2) (877) 585-3242
Contact Email
Business Address
P.O. Box 10055 Hyattsville, MD 20782-8055

These funds may be used for Capability and Capacity Building Activities (C&CB), mitigation projects, and management costs. BRIC is financed by a 6% set-aside from federal post-disaster grant funding. Projects must meet BRIC’s eligibility requirements. These grants are comprised of 75% federal cost with a 25% state/local match. 90% for small and impoverished areas.

How To Apply

- Eligible applicants and sub applicants are able to apply for funding through FEMA GO (BRIC will not accept paper applications).

Additional Links

FEMA Region 1 Contact Form (Link)

BRIC Direct Technical Assistance

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